Educational Objectives

Our goal is to see our students living out biblical values, learning how to work hard in all they do, and treat teachers and fellow students with respect.

SCS aims to not only meet, but exceed the Ontario Ministry of education standards for students in Grades JK to 8. We also have a vibrant Bible curriculum for each grade. Every year, our students take part in an educational assessment using a nation-wide standardized test which allows us to compare our results with other schools across the country

Stouffville Christian School aims to provide a focused Christ-centred education that challenges its students to achieve personal and academic excellence.


SCS offers the opportunity to enrich its students’ education with a special Activity Period multiple times per week. During this time, the students may choose to have some concentrated study time, join a learning club, or participate in a sports activity. Some examples of opportunities that may be offered are robotics club, chess club, cooking classes, artistic experiences, and a variety of sports. The choices for Activity Period change throughout the year, allowing the students to explore a variety of activities.

Field Trips

At Stouffville Christian School, students may have the opportunity to participate in educational experiences that take place outside of the classroom. For younger students, excursions may include a trip to a community theatre or a visit to a local farm. Older students may take overnight trips to a Christian camp north of the GTA or go on a tour of historical Quebec City. These opportunities allow students to learn and aquire new skills in an exciting way. Our staff uses these unique experiences to point students to Christ as they interact with the world around them.


We know the transition to kindergarten is an important milestone for your little one as they experience school for the first time. This will give you a glimpse into our kindergarten program. Enjoy!

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Preparing for

High School and Beyond

SCS is focused on preparing students for high school and beyond. One strategy that is implemented for those enrolled in Grades 7 and 8 is administering exams in January and June. Students receive instruction about valuable study techniques and healthy habits for exam time. Studying and writing exams in elementary school familiarizes students with the process, which builds confidence and prepares students for what to expect in high school.

SCS graduates have gone on to attend high schools in Stouffville, Uxbridge, Markham, Unionville, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora and Newmarket. These include Christian, Public, Catholic, and Independent high schools.

Our graduates have experienced success in high school and post-secondary, whether they enrolled in a highly academic program such as the IB or AP program, a rigorous university preparation program, or a dynamic hands-on applied course load.

Many SCS alumni are currently studying in competitive programs at universities throughout Ontario and beyond, such as engineering, social sciences, fine arts, health sciences, education, apprenticeships, trades programs, and others.

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