Thank you for your interest in kindergarten at SCS.

We know the transition to kindergarten is an important milestone for your little one as they experience school for the first time. This page will give you a glimpse into our kindergarten program. Enjoy!

Spiritual Development

We believe in partnering with families to develop the hearts, minds, and spiritual lives of our students. Daily Bible classes and weekly chapels are just the beginning as we seek to put Christ at the centre of all we do.

Personal and Social Development

In order to develop into strong and confident learners, young children need to be presented with the opportunity to explore and make sense of the world around them. The primary goal of kindergarten is to promote the spiritual, personal, and social development of children through play and age appropriate learning experiences. As children learn cooperatively, they begin to develop the problem solving and social skills which are needed for success in school and in life.


Mathematics curriculum is composed of five strands: number sense, patterning, geometry, data management, and measurement. Mathematics is taught through a combination of teacher led lessons, small group activities, and free exploration with math materials.

Science and Technology

Young children are curious about making sense of the world around them. The science curriculum provides an introduction to the scientific method and an exploration of God’s creation through a variety of hands on experiences. Students are also introduced to computer technology through experiences on educational websites.


Starting from the foundation of oral literacy that children have developed before entering kindergarten, language skills are expanded further through the use of hands on materials, rich children’s literature, and the sharing of stories. A brief introduction to beginners oral French is also included in our literacy program.


The Music Program introduces students to the seven basic elements of music through singing, percussion, movement, performance, and guided listening. The program draws from several time-honoured methods including Dalcroze, Kodaly, and Orff to give students a well-rounded musical foundation to help them interpret the world around them.

Health and Physical Education

Through physical education, children work to develop their coordination and gross motor skills in addition to learning teamwork and cooperation.

Visual Arts

Visual arts exposes children to the creative process through activities such as painting, drawing, cutting and pasting, and modeling with clay.


There are four times throughout the school year when progress reports are sent home: a mid term report in October, and a full report card at the end of each term.

School Life

Kindergarten students play an active role in the life of the school through field trips, participation in chapel, dress down days, school-wide productions and events. Older students assist and support the younger in day to day life. Positive relationships with older students are encouraged and fostered through spirit teams, mentorship and reading buddies.

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